Abridgement from “Somewhere déjà in Ponutschland” by Julia Wirxel

Andrea Weber is interested in questions of space and the interrelation between two- and three-dimensionality. The quest for space can at once imply an escape from it. The openness of spatial design and the rejection of determination lead to an atmosphere of spacelessness and timelessness that is particularly distinctive of the contemporaneity of the oeuvre.
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Since I Love Un Latino, 2004

Since I Love Un Latino describes the different emotional states of a love which is not reciprogue. An unhappy love. Madness, confusion, ferocity, disaster, provocation, lunacy, desperation, seduction, adoration, abstraction, anger, loneliness, euphoria. All these emotions are void as they are one-sided. It is about an inwardness which can't be break through because of its one-sidedness.
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