Since I Love Un Latino, 2004

Since I Love Un Latino describes the different emotional states of a love which is not reciprogue. An unhappy love. Madness, confusion, ferocity, disaster, provocation, lunacy, desperation, seduction, adoration, abstraction, anger, loneliness, euphoria. All these emotions are void as they are one-sided. It is about an inwardness which can't be break through because of its one-sidedness.
The emotion only finds its valve by buying a new piece of cloth. The twelve photographs stand for a year. Every month a new piece of cloth has been bought, with the hope to seduce the beloved. The women stands naked even if her upper part of the body is clothed. It is about an emotional nudity. For an unconscioous reason just outerwear has been bought. In the fashion history the seduction takes place with the bust more than with the prime sexual organs.
Being at the mercy of the state of being in love is shown by the pitiless way of the photography. The hard and direct light from upside and the white room in which the woman stands, accentuate her vulnerability. Just the light enlaces her, which leaves nothing undetected. The room around her is limited. She is trapped and lost in this state which fades from one emotion into another. By the directness of the photography the beholder is confrontated with her feelings and thereby refered to his own feelings.

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